Welcome Deeper Learners!

This digital program is for all things DL2023! Sched is open! You may select your sessions starting March 14th at 11am PST.

Be sure to select one Workshop Round 1 or Den Talk series [for Day 1], one Deep Dive session [for Day 2], and one Workshop Round 2 or Den Talk series [for Day 3]. These sessions have capacity limits and will fill up.

To see an overview of the event and session types, for a campus map and frequently asked questions, check out the event info page here.

We can’t wait to see you!

Danielle Reynolds

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences
Chico, CA
I am a math teacher at a Arts and Sciences charter school in Chico, CA. I live for education and working with other educators to learn about and come up with ways to connect students to (insert connections here). Connections to the content, to things within or outside the content, to each other, to the world, to .... you name it! Thinking and communicating their thinking is what I strive for in my classroom. I also am a PD junkie and have been collaborating with, learning from, and facilitating for teachers for the last 12 years. I have the great pleasure of co-facilitating our in house professional learning at Inspire. I also work with future educators in math education, showing them and working with them on how to engage students in deeper meaning and understanding to mathematics. I also occasionally speak at workshops or events on different positive mathematical mindset ways of teaching and engaging students.